Welcome to LexData’s documentation!

This is a small library to create bots, scripts and tools about Wikidata Lexemes. It’s philosophy is to have a transparent thin layer on top of the internal datastuctures enriched with convenient functions without hiding the power of the access to the internals.

LexData is still in beta phase and there fore some features are missing and functions might be renamed in future.

The code of AitalvivemBot was used as a starting point, but probably theres not a single line of code that wasn’t rewritten.

A simple demonstration about how easy it is to edit Lexems with LexData:

import logging

import LexData
from LexData.language import en


repo = LexData.WikidataSession("MichaelSchoenitzer", "foobar")

# Open a Lexeme
L2 = LexData.Lexeme(repo, "L2")

# Access the claims
# and Forms
F1 = L2.forms[0]
# and senses
S1 = L2.senses[0]

# Find or create a Lexeme by lemma, language and grammatical form
L2 = LexData.get_or_create_lexeme(repo, "first", en, "Q1084")

# You can easily create forms…
if len(L2.forms) == 0:
    L2.createForm("firsts", ["Q146786"])

# …or senses, with or without additional claims
if len(L2.senses) == 0:
            "en": "Element in an ordered list which comes before all others according to the ordering",
            "de": "einer Ordnung folgend das Element vor allen anderen",
        claims={"P5137": ["Q19269277"]},

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